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New Pool Maintenance

During the first week of operation the pool should be brushed three to four times a day and the filtration system should run 24 hours per day. Do not operate the automatic pool cleaner for the first two weeks after start up. During weeks two through five it is strongly recommended to brush one to two times a day or until all loose material, from the curing plaster, is removed from the surface of the plaster. Excessive amounts of loose material may also require hand vacuuming to be removed faster. This will normally result in pressure build up in the filter making it necessary to clean the filter elements after the first five to seven day of operation. See the following section on vacuum
and filter cleaning for instructions.

Without proper brushing, plaster is likely to become rough and discolored from standing loose material, dirt and debris.

Your filter elements will need to be cleaned frequently for the first few weeks of operation. It is important to clean in between the pleats of the filter elements to remove any plaster dust that could harden. After the initial two-week period is completed the filtration system may be set to operate for normal seasonal and pool size requirements and the cleaner may be installed.
Your pool has been treated by our service technician, with an initial chemical treatment consistent with the chemical requirements of the city water supply with which your pool was filled. Since the curing process of the plaster, environmental conditions, bather load, sect. have an impact on the pool water, it requires that you monitor your
water chemistry daily throughout the first few weeks. Then 2 to 3 times a week thereafter as needed.

You have been provided with a simple to use test kit, which will allow you to test for the pH and chlorine levels in your pool water. It is recommended that you store your test kit out of sunlight and that you replace the test kit every 12 months. You may not have used up all the chemicals in the kit, but they should be replaced for the kit to remain accurate. If you wish, you may take a small bottle of water to one of the many pool supply outlets where, normally, they win test the water at no cost and inform you of its quality.
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