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Water Smart Landscaping

 Many Las Vegas homeowners have grass as part of their landscaping, it is nice to have for children or pets to play on.  However, it can also be high-maintenance and expensive when you factor in the watering cost.  You may want to consider converting your grass lawn to desert landscaping (also known as xeriscape) or artificial turf (“fake grass”). 

     Environmental Creations LLC is an approved contractor for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.  This means that our estimators and foremen have been trained by the SNWA in the proper procedure to remove grass and install water-smart landscaping in its place.   These conversions save you money in two main areas:  (1)  You eliminate or reduce the water needed to maintain your landscaping, and (2) The water authority will actually pay you to remove your grass!  Ask

     Contact Environmental Creations LLC today to receive a free landscape estimate to convert to water-smart landscaping!  Be sure and ask how much money you will get paid by the Southern Nevada Water Authority!

Illuminate Your Home & Garden With Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingHomeowners today recognize the value of a professionally-illuminated landscape. Professional Outdoor Lighting is the beautiful home improvement that adds safety and security. In fact, safety experts recommend outdoor lighting as an important component in a home security system. Next to alarms, a lighting system is one of the best deterrents to night-time crime, including burglaries, vandalism and peeping toms.

Personal Safety

Most homeowners agree there are potential hazards in everyone's yard. With a Professional Outdoor Lighting System, you and your guests will be safer around steps, decks, curving walkways, pools, spas, and other landscape features. You will have a peace of mind and less liability.

More Affordable

With Professional Lighting your landscape will look beautiful year-round, even on the darkest winter days. Many gardens will actually look their most enchanting when lit at night with specialized fixtures. Landscape lighting is also more affordable than ever. Low-voltage lights can be installed in less time than before, and cost up to three times less than old-style 120-volt systems.


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